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Jerry Seinfeld Trolls Kesha By Posing In Front Of The Mural Of Her Getting Denied

Boom roasted, Kesha. Boom fucking roasted. No hugs for you Kesha. You get trolled instead. I will say, I’m a big hug person. It’s just part of my DNA. The warm embrace of another human is top-3 feeling in my book. That’s likely off putting to the majority of this part of the country but they might be the ones who need hugs the most. I have no problem giving hugs out to strangers. I actually like doing it. But I’m not Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha has to know who she’s approaching. Seinfeld has made a gazillion dollars on being the exact type of guy who wouldn’t give hugs to strangers. The fact that she thought she could just waltz up to Jerome Allen Seinfeld and get a bear hug means she isn’t as big a fan as she claims to be. Maybe the most cringeworthy video of the last 15 years and it’s all Kesha’s fault. Next she’s gonna try and give Larry David a hug, too.