This Husky Emphatically Refuses To Budge And I Don't Blame Him One Bit

Zeus the Stubborn Husky did NOT want to move to the back seat of the car since he felt he called dibs on the front seat. Getting him to move was NOT happening today!

Preach, pup. Preach. Listen, lady. It’s hot as balls out. Leave Zeus be until he’s good and ready to move. And this isn’t Zeus’ first rodeo dealing with this woman’s orders, either. I’d be bitching if I had to live under her rule, too. Listening to Zeus go apeshit in the bathtub would be absolute nightmare fuel if you were alone in the woods.

Sometimes we just want to lay down in the shower (other people do that, right?) and forget about life for awhile. There’s nothing wrong with that. Even though it seems like this dog isn’t depressed but is recovering from eating an entire bucket from Molly.

Still though, I can hear Huskies lose their shit all day, everyday. Automatic smile. Especially the youngins. Listening to this baby Husky attempt to talk is better than chicken soup for the soul.

Now that’s what we call adorable. Both Daria and the dog. Get this pup’s voice on a record and send it around the world to cure everything. All the problems just melt away when you hear something this cute. Well, besides stuff like hunger, ebola and AIDS. But depression? Done. These Huskies are better than any Prozac on the market.