Nick Diaz Doesn't Want To Get Drug Tested While He's Smoking A Bunch Of Weed

Nick Diaz- “They know where I’m at though. Somebody over there is not doing their job. I mean realistically, they showed up to one of my dispensary signings. Like I said, I gotta do what I can with what I have to work with when I’m not fighting. The whole cannabis industry thing is a hit right now, so yeah, I’ll book an appearance over there and I’ll go and smoke a bunch of weed and it’s a good time. So of course, word is out I’m gonna be here, they show up.”

In my blog about Nick Diaz getting a third whereabouts failure, I was very unsure as to how he would respond. I said if he was cool about it and just really genuinely didn’t give a fuck, he’s a legend. If he complained and whined about not being able to corner his brother Nate/fight in the UFC, he’s an idiot. With this response, it’s very obviously the former. Don’t drug test him while he’s trying to smoke a bunch of weed, and he’s happy. He doesn’t want to be failing that test…even though…the out of competition tests don’t look for pot. I don’t think he knows that, so he’s running away from them for no reason, but hey, that’s why we love him?!

When Dallas Braden came in to the office last week, he told me some crazy stories about growing up with the Diaz brothers. I definitely can’t share them all publicly out of my own fear of the 209, but I will give you this little note: apparently their houses are just covered in gym mats and cages. Fights break out all the time, and then everyone’s gucci.