Robert Horry Caught Throwing Haymakers At A Dad Talking Trash During His Kid's Youth Basketball Tournament

TMZ – Robert Horry ?got in a fistfight at his kid’s basketball tournament this weekend … and TMZ Sports has the video. It all went down Saturday afternoon at the Nike 3ON3 tournament at L.A. Live … where Horry’s son was playing. Witnesses tell us a man affiliated with the opposing team was heckling Horry throughout the game when he approached R.H. and pushed him. Horry responded with his fists … throwing several punches at the man. It’s unclear if any of the punches landed. We spoke to Horry who insists he was simply defending himself. “The guy was trash talking the whole game. He shoved me. Where I’m from, you protect yourself.” R.H. — a 7x NBA champion — says he ultimately decided to walk away rather than continue to fight, knowing he was “the only one who was gonna lose in this situation.” Horry claims this isn’t the first time the guy has been verbally abusive … saying he’s trash talked his son’s team in the past. A rep for the tournament had no comment on the incident.

In Robert Horry’s defense, bucket hat shoved first and then threw down his Jansport ready to dance. It’s not the best look firing shots at your kid’s 3-on-3 tournament, but I get it. What kind of asshole talks trash at a youth basketball game, you ask? The exact type of asshole who needs a certified but whoopin’ to re-enter society. I’m not saying Horry should’ve fought him, but I understand. The only thing is, as I mentioned yesterday when debating if I could punt that midgie, is you should never, EVER start a fight with anyone smaller than you. It’s a lose-lose situation. However, you can certainly end one. And 6’9, 240-lb Big Shot Rob probably could’ve diffused the situation amicably if he pleased, but that was a perfect time to put that little dick in his place. Anyone who gets that intense over children playing sports doesn’t deserve to be around kids.* Relax, people. We’re living in a society. Don’t be like bucket hat. Or Paul.

*Back in Little League I witnessed a kid overrun 3rd base during district playoffs and the coach (who also doubled as his father) lifted him by his throat in pure rage like something straight out of of Mortal Kombat. Good times.