The Always Anti-Violent NFL Still Won't Let Josh Norman Do His Bow And Arrow Celebration

SI - Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman says he feels targeted by the NFL’s rules prohibiting certain kinds of celebrations.

Even though the league relaxed some of the rules this offseason, Norman’s imaginary bow-and-arrow shooting celebration is still banned.

Norman was penalized in a game last season against the Cleveland Browns for the gesture and was later fined $10,000.

“You’re just picking on one person here,” Norman said to “[Brandin] Cooks has been doing it for years, and now all of a sudden you want to quit and stop it? Why is that?”

Cooks has never been penalized for his bow-and-arrow celebration.

“You can shoot a cannon in a stadium, or you can shoot a musket in a stadium a well,” Norman said. “If one of them is bad and looked at as dangerous, how come not all of them are looked at in that way? … When someone shoots an imaginary bow and arrow up in the sky, that’s a penalty?”

Norman says he will come up with a new celebration and doesn’t understand what the fuss is about.

“We’re not out here shooting someone with a gun. I can understand that. It’s shooting a bow-and-arrow,” Norman says.

“An imaginary bow-and-arrow. Why is that violence? You saying the people that came before us were violent? That’s how I see it.”


It’s actually amazing. This is where the NFL draws the line- the Josh Norman bow and arrow celebration. That’s it. Concussions- fake! Guaranteed contracts- unnecessary! Imaginary bow and arrows- can’t fucking have it!

And Norman makes actual great points. Tampa Bay shoots a god damn cannon that blows everyone’s ear out every time they do literally anything. The Patriots, bless their souls, have guys shooting muskets in the end zone. Revolutionary War ass motherfuckers with their triangle hats blasting muskets left and right. But god forbid Josh Norman break up a pass and mock fire a bow into the sun. Can’t have it. 15 yard penalty. Pretty nuts.

I think the bigger issue is how realistic Norman’s celebration is. He has PERFECTED that celebration. Look at this gif up there, the pop of the bow and arrow can be felt. You can hear the snap. Brandin Cooks was never fined or flagged before because his is weak af

Looks like a 3rd grader in P.E. Class learning how to shoot. Norman’s is so perfect, the league office probably actually thought Katniss was down on the field firing bows around the stadium. But if they watch the tape, it’s really just Josh Norman, and he should be allowed to continue doing it.