This Zombie Hockey Movie Is Going To Be The Can't Miss Feature Film Of The Year

Ahockalypse. The zombie hockey movie that nobody necessarily asked for but now everybody needs. That smell that you’re smelling right now? Yeah. That’s The Wizard of Oz shitting it’s pants in preparation of Ahockalypse dethroning it as the best movie of all time on Rotten Tomatoes. You know how you hear stories about those freaks who pay to see a movie in theaters more than once? Never made sense to me until right now because I might just live in a movie theater for a week watching this on repeat.

Realistically this movie probably will never make it to theaters and it’ll just become one of those movies you accidentally stumble across while you’re scrolling through Netflix. Which is perfect. Any movie about a team most likely based on the Brandon Wheat Kings that finds a way to combine hockey with zombies that has cameos from Kelly Chase and Barry Melrose sounds like the perfect Netflix movie for Sunday morning hangovers to me. Still no word on when the movie is officially coming out but you can count on me to keep everybody posted once I find out.