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Mailing A Check For 30,120 Dollars To K9s For Warriors Felt Pretty Damn Awesome


Well, here it is. I finally got all of the money out of my venmo so I mailed this check off this morning. Huge credit to the Stoolies who donated to this cause. What started as a joke in telling people to give to unclechaps on venmo led to hundreds of people donating a few cents there, a few dollars there to get to this amount. Connor and I talked about the process in detail and what has happened since on this week’s Zero Blog Thirty.

K9s for Warriors should deposit the money this week which will pay for two service dogs. One of the dogs will be named venmo. The other dog we can put the name to a vote. Comment or tweet me at @unclechaps what you think the name should be and I’ll make a poll of my favorites.

So far I like Stoolie, Bananas, and Bolivian.

We don’t go to Jacksonville to see the dogs until September. Who knows… maybe we will open the venmo back up and be able to get a third dog. I doubt it, though. The haters would be furious.

Here’s just a little bit of what these dogs do. When we go to Jacksonville, we will be making a video to show you much, much more. I can’t fucking wait.

PS. Shoutout to me for not including my signature on the check in the photo. InfoSec for days.