More Than 50 Bikers Escorted A Kid To School After They Found Out He Had Been Bullied

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Fox News- A group of more than 50 bikers in northeastern Indiana stepped in to help with they found out a local sixth grade student was having trouble with bullying. Tammy Mick is the mother of Dekalb Middle School Student Phil Mick. She was very concerned about her son’s issues with bullying. She says it was so bad he told her he contemplated suicide. She spoke with Brent Warfield of KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service about it, and Warfield immediately stepped in to help. Warfield is the director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts, and he told FOX59 he’s been hosting charity rides for years. He’s been working to raise awareness about bullying and teen suicide, so he decided to organize a special ride for Phil on his first day of middle school.


I wanna start off by saying that this is a nice gesture. A bunch of badass bikers hear about a kid being bullied so they hop on their Harleys and escort the kid to school so the bullies never fuck with him again. I also like the idea of fighting fire with fire. That’s how you solve problems and it will always be how you solve problems. “Oh you wanna intimidate a kid by bullying him? Then we’re gonna show up with a bunch of adults wearing leather and intimidate the fuck outta you.” It’s kind of weird and not necessarily the message they were going for but I dig it. Basically saying that if those kids don’t stop bullying that other kid than a large group of grown ups are gonna unleash a beating on school children. This is straight outta Sons of Anarchy by the way. Jax Teller would’ve for sure showed up to his kids’ school with Tig and Chibs and punked out some little kids.

PS- I miss Sons of Anarchy so much.