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The Trailer For The "Death Wish" Remake Starring Bruce Willis Is Out And I Don't Know How I Feel About It


So I went into this trailer with an open mind. I hate when Hollywood remakes classics and completely butchers the original. Death Wish is one of those movies that is beloved by its fans and Charles Bronson will always be a badass motherfucker when he appears on the silver screen.

But at the same time, I love a good revenge movie. Hearing Maximus Decimus Meridius pledge his revenge in this life or the next over and over always gets the juices flowing. The last few scenes of The Godfather are best snuff film I have ever seen. This dude’s death at the hands of Creasy Bear is as beautiful as all the sonnets that angels can write.

And lets just say that seeing Bruce Willis with his patented John McClane lefty shooting form required me to change my pants.


But the thing is, that trailer does not appear to be a Death Wish remake or reboot or whatever you want they want to call it these days. It seems like just another modern day action movie. Which is fine. But I don’t know why you would market this movie as a Death Wish movie other than the basic plot points. Turning into a vigilante after criminals wronged your family is the plot line for countless movies. Shit, that’s the fuel that inspired Batman and Spider Man like 100 years ago. It’s the reason everyone gets hyped as fuck and starts cheering whenever Arya appears on Game Of Thrones and starts carving people up and crossing them off her list. I mean look at the OG Death Wish trailer.

That shit was badass. Night and day. Maybe if the new trailer could get some more #grit if you just have some creepy 70s music instead of Back In Black. A guy doling out street justice for a murdered wife and sexually assaulted daughter probablyyyyy shouldn’t have a song that you may hear as an entrance song at a wedding reception. I love Bruce Willis with all of my overworked heart. But something about it just seems cookie cutter. Guess I’ll have to wait for Rear Ad’s review before I decide to pull the trigger on spending like $40 on a movie ticket, large popcorn, and Cherry Coke.

h/t deli