Making Their Long Awaited Return, It's The Pornhub Comments Of The Week


For years, my sole purpose in life was to scavenge through the comment section of Pornhub collecting the greatest, creepiest, freakiest comments all those heathens had to offer. But as you could imagine, spending that much time in the Pornhub comment section will obviously take it’s toll on a man. Some of the shit you see in there will eat away at your soul. Week after week of some down right heinous shit. But after taking a hiatus, the P-hub COTW are back. Probably just for one week but that they’re back. And since that’s what you came here for and not for me rambling on like an asshole, let’s just get right to it.


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PFT, is that you? It’s about damn time we put Christ back in porn.


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What an idiot. What a fucking idiot, Nathan_5034. Have fun not jerking off until the next summer Olympics.


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Usually I’m able to look past little plot line inconsistencies when it comes to pornographic adult feature films. But when you make the conscious decision to make chess a main piece of the story and then fuck it up this hard, well you deserve to get called out on it. Glad that Official_Voldemort is here to keep everybody in check.


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Some guys just have all the luck. Like being able to watch your mom get skull fucked for 27 straight minutes on the internet. Lucky sons of bitches.


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That was actually pretty touching and totally not gay at all. About as not gay as a certain internet blogger.


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Nothing worse than logging in to Pornhub [dot] com and getting eye raped with dicks and buttholes and pussies and tits. Would be nice if everybody could keep their clothes on for once. I’m sure mas999 up there agrees with me.


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You and me both, Justagoat. You and me both.


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But seriously. Why isn’t it DJ school? Makes way more sense that way.


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Bruh… remember when John Wall tried to Zigtechs a thing? At least they’re still thriving in the porn community.

And that wraps up this edition of Pornhub Comments of the Week. Thanks for stoping by. We shared some laughs, we had some cries, and in the end I think we all learned a little something about ourselves. Now go out there and have a weekend, you perverts. You’ve earned it.