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Rhino Takes A Casual Stroll Down The Road And Some Drivers Freak Out About It

I dont know about you, but I found this rhino to be flat out adorable. Sure, he could kill you at any moment but you gotta think that lots of those cars overreacted. There was no need to squeal the tires like an Indian Jason Bourne because a rhino was trudging down the street. Our large pre historic pal was probably just lookin for a little something to eat.

How about the wife here mansplaining what the animal was.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 7.07.47 AM

Uhh… no shit, it’s a rhino. Everyone knows that’s a rhino. You aren’t a zoologist because you can spot a rhino. Can’t stand that. People think that just because they can identify a wild rhino that they are a zoologist. News Flash: you aren’t. Many people can spot a rhino. Becoming a zoologist takes years and years of study. You wanna impress me with your animal knowledge? Spot and identify an endangered Asian crested ibis in the wild and I’ll be impressed. This species is nearly extinct in its normal habitat. The population is increasing, and there are now perhaps more than 250 mature individuals but it’s far from safe. We gotta do something to keep this beloved bird around for generations.


Damn. I kinda sounded like a zoologist there. I guess it’s easier than I thought.