Ricky Gervais Explains To Megyn Kelly Why He Roasts Celebrities

Source- Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais opens up to Megyn Kelly about his likes, dislikes and future plans.

Ricky Gervais may be a certified genius. The guy can destroy a room full of the richest, most self-important people on earth without upsetting anyone. He has the charm and wit of Johnny Carson. You can’t not like him- he’s hilarious. I remember watching him host in 2009 thinking he was committing career suicide. But that’s because I’m an idiot. He explained it perfectly, “I had to decide whether to pander to the two-hundred people in the room, or the two-hundred million people at home.” Apparently playing to the larger audience worked. They’ve been inviting him back ever sense. Even celebrities look forward to it now. Which is a far cry from the way it started.

Ricky Gervais humanized celebrities. He did what everyone does; make fun of them. Only he did it to their face while no one was laughing. Which speaks volumes to his confidence as a comedian.

That said, I have a bone to pick with Megyn Kelly. Three minutes?! You only gave him three minutes? You can’t give people a taste of the honey without giving them the whole beehive. I’ll give her a pass on this one. She’s come a long way from her Fox News days. The only other person to go from villain to hero as fast as Megyn Kelly was Lebron James.

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