A Bunch Of Priests Got Turned Away From A Bar Because The Bartender Thought They Were Matching For A Bachelor Party

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Mashable- A group of seminarians — student Catholic priests — were turned away from a pub because staff thought they were in fancy dress and on a stag do [bachelor party]. The seven priests were celebrating a colleague’s ordination at the popular City Arms pub in Cardiff, Wales, with a pint or two. They were wearing the traditional Roman Catholic clothing — a black clerical robe with white plastic around their neck. That was enough for the staff to worry they were a bunch of lads on tour: “Sorry gents – we don’t do fancy dress or stag dos,” the bartender reportedly said. The group initially believed it was a joke, until it became clear he was in fact serious. “But we are real,” they reportedly said, to no avail. 

A couple things. One, who the hell would dress as priests for a bachelor party? That’s not a thing. It’s just not. And if it is a thing, it shouldn’t be a thing. Because even if 90% of the people in the bar know that you’re dressing sarcastically that still leaves 10% of the people in that bar being freaked out that a bunch of priests are around. Priests are creepy. Not to mention the majority of this world was brought up with tons of Catholic guilt thrown on top of them and to be scared of priests (sometimes for good reason). That’s the last vibe you want to put out if you’re a bachelor party.  So for the bartender instantly being like, “Oh these dudes dressed as priests are part of a bachelor party” is the weirdest part of the story. Secondly, weird move to turn away paying customers. Despite what I said above, let those priests fucking drink. These are dudes who can’t masturbate or fuck. At least allow them to loosen their collars and throw back a few cold ones. I’m a big proponent of letting priests live better lives so they don’t do…….well you know.