Swedish Guy Catches A Fish, Loses It, Then Jumps In The Water And Snags It With His Bare Hands

Nothing like starting your day off with a reminder of just how inadequate you are as a person. I fished a few times as a kid. Caught some sunnies that in my mind were as impressive as great whites and sometimes even had the balls to put the worm on the hook myself. But now I am just a big fat blogger that can’t go outside for two seconds in the summer heat without checking my phone or wanting to wander back into some air conditioning.

Meanwhile this Swedish son of a bitch is out here making Castaway Tom Hanks look like a domesticated pussy. No need for spears or rudimentary manmade instruments if you can use your own God-given mitts to snatch the fish Odell Beckham style. This guy even brushed off his phone dying like it was no big deal. You know why? Because he knows that heroes get remembered but legends never die. He can get a new iPhone 3G or whatever they have in Sweden once he gets back to civilization. But you can’t get a new video of you giving Swedes a shit ton of savage cred by plucking out a fish with your hands (even though the lady holding the camera did no favors for Swedish people that are picked on for sounding like the chef from the Muppets).

P.S. Just because this blog is about a Swedish dude catching fish, it has to be said that the texture of Swedish fish are the most magical thing in the candy world. There are definitely better candies than a bag of Swedes. But damn that texture is the most perfect thing in this imperfect world.

P.P.S. Fuckkkkkk the Swede from Friday Night Lights with the fire of 1,000 suns. Nobody breaks Julie Taylor’s (or Matt Saracen’s) heart and gets away with it.