Tyron Woodley Is Now Publicly Blackmailing Dana White For An Apology

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Yesterday on TheMMAHour, Tyron Woodley joined Ariel Helwani and was highly offended at everything Dana White said about him. He doesn’t like that Dana called him a boring champion, he doesn’t like that he’s being disrespected, he thinks everyone is a racist, the same rounds he’s been going through for months. It’s annoying, tiresome, and just flat out wrong. Tyron Woodley expects to be treated like Conor McGregor despite not having a personality or making for fun fights. Somehow, someway, main eventing two UFC cards and co-main eventing (and getting pay per view points on) a Conor McGregor card and the Cormier/Jones II card isn’t good enough. Now that Dana White has taken the potential Georges St-Pierre matchup away from Woodley, he’s planning to blackmail him with “leaks” until he gets an apology.

Sooooooo…’re telling me you think your boss, who put the flyweight division on sale the last time a champion disrespected him, would give you a public apology for “disrespecting you” after you broke the record for the least amount of strikes ever attempted in a UFC title fight?

I am now HASHTAG DONE with Tyron Woodley, more than I used to be before. Team DANA THE GOOF!