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Mooch Music Got Big Cat And I Through The First Night Without The Mooch As The Director Of Communications


I think it goes without saying that everyone at Barstool and beyond was on team Mooch. How could you not love the guy? From a content perspective, he was absolutely wonderful. Whether he was talkin bout Bannon going to town on his own cock, threatening to fire his entire staff, or wearing some sick ass Oakley’s outside the Presidential motorcade, you never knew what you were gonna get from the Mooch; you just knew it was gonna be electric. So, when we lost that, I got sad. Big Cat got sad. We do what we always do when we get sad. We turned to the majesty of song. We let the music flow through us like Indian food the morning after bachelor’s party.

“Hey Chaps, you ole handsome rapscallion, we all miss the Mooch but were the songs good?”

You tell me.

Good work, everybody.