Bobby Knight Was Investigated By The FBI, Army, and Pentagon For Slapping The Ass Of Basically Every Single Female Employee At A Department of Defense Agency

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3 or 4 weeks ago the Washington Post broke this story – that Bobby Knight had been investigated by the FBI, U.S. Army, and had been reported to the god damn Pentagon and Congress for his behavior at a speech he was giving at everyone’s favorite agency, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

Employees at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) complained in advance about their boss’s decision to invite the Hall of Fame basketball coach to give a speech at their headquarters, given his history of bullying players, demeaning women and throwing furniture. But that was nothing compared with the troubles triggered by Knight’s July 10, 2015, visit to the agency at Fort Belvoir, Va., near Washington.

Four women who worked at the spy agency alleged that Knight had groped or touched them inappropriately in brief encounters before and after his speech, according to investigative documents and interviews with more than a dozen NGA officials.

The allegations, which have not been previously made public, led to criminal investigations by the FBI and the U.S. Army. The Pentagon, Congress and other intelligence agencies in Washington were alerted.

Knight denied all the allegations and prosecutors in Virginia did not bring any charges.  It was basically kept quiet and since he was never convicted or even charged with anything, he’s innocent of all the accusations.

However the details uncovered by Deadspin after a FOIA request (if there’s one thing Deadspin is good for it’s going through all the bitchwork to get government documents) are plentiful, and problematic.

In short – It would appear that Bob Knight was, at one time, allegedly, horny as FUCK.

-Ten days after Knight’s visit to the NGA, the agency’s inspector general was tipped off by an anonymous source who claimed that Knight had “used offensive profanity” during his speech and “groped five women,” noting specifically that he had slapped a “senior woman … on [her] butt” and “fondled a woman’s breast.”

-One female employee said that “she felt his hand on her buttocks” as she told Knight where to stand and how to use the microphone before he was scheduled to go on stage. A fellow employee saw and said, “Oh my God, he hit you on your ass.”

-A different woman, who rode in the car that picked Knight up from the train station, said that the famed coach reached up and “massaged her shoulder” while she was in the passenger’s seat and he was seated behind her. He asked if she was an athlete and when she said that she had been in high school, he responded “Do you want to know how I knew? I watched you from behind and saw how you walked in those heels.” She said that he later put his hands on her shoulders “like in a conga line.”

-A third female employee said that Knight joked about wanting to hug her and “swatted her on the buttocks.” She later overheard him telling NGA director Robert Cardillo—who had been responsible for inviting Knight—that he’d “rather walk with” her than him, before coming up behind her and putting his hands on her shoulders as they walked.

-A fourth woman testified that Knight had put his hands around her shoulders while taking a picture and then “continued to hug her as they walked away,” which she described as inappropriate. He later tried to hug her again, but she walked ahead.

-A fifth woman said that Knight “put his arm tightly around her shoulder” during conversation, leaving her to try “unsuccessfully to pull away.” Later, as she was walking away, he slid his hand “down the side of her body and over her hip.”

All bad. Sexual harrassment, always bad. Always inappropriate.

However there is one little nugget that is, in two words, fucking hilarious:

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.13.19 AM

Calling a deaf guy uncoachable because he didn’t follow directions given during his speech. Incredible.

In conclusion, it seems that nothing gets Bobby’s motor running like a good speech at a government agency.  Allegedly.

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