Jets Rookie Gives the Worst Possible Answer to the CTE Question Right in Goodell's Face


Jamal Adams

I had to give the Jets credit for the smart pick when they took Jamal Adams at No. 6 overall. But I guess I didn’t give them nearly enough credit. Because after this he is not only my favorite Jet, he’s my favorite NFL rookie, period. One, because I like big safeties with cover skills who can tackle. But even more because I am a huge fan of horribly awkward social moments.

For reals, I’d pay good money to have seen the look on Goodell’s face when Adams said the absolute last thing he wanted to hear. If the CommissionerBot was programmed to mimic human emotion, it would have been excruciating for him. We’re not even a week removed from the worst possible news coming out of that BU study on CTE and here’s some kid who hasn’t even played a down of preseason football doing the “We who are about to die salute you” thing like it’s a badge of honor. As every tort lawyer in America smells Goodell’s blood in the water and starts to circle and it’s his top priority to put an end to this concussion talk as soon as humanly possible.

And let’s hear it for Jets fans who took that as an applause line.” Sweet Jesus, he might as well have just said “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to become the Junior Seau.” On the Awkward Scale it must’ve been somewhere north of Michael Scott revealing Dunder-Mifflin was closing branches at the company picnic, with Goodell as his David Wallace. Just a perfect moment of inappropriateness.

So thank you, Jamal Adams. Both for giving us this special gift and a reason to watch the Jets tank this season. I get the sense the next great NFL player who needs a mic in front of him at all times has just been discovered.