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Everyone Got Sappy Over The UFC 214 Main Event This Weekend

After Jon Jones kicked the face off Daniel Cormier on Saturday, Joe Rogan gave him the microphone and he did something pretty unexpected. He said the following:

“I want to take this time to thank Daniel Cormier…for being my biggest rival and motivator. Daniel Cormier, guys. He has absolutely no reason to hang his head. He has been a model champion, a model husband, a model father, a teammate, a leader, and I aspire to be a lot more like that man ’cause he’s an amazing human being. Unfortunately we were opponents, but outside of that, he is a true champion for the rest of his life.”

In almost any other rivalry, this isn’t unexpected. You hear Conor McGregor do it after every one of his “grudge” feuds ends. Once the fight is over, you show respect. It’s one of the few sportsmanlike traditions this sport has. In the Cormier/Jones rivalry, this was definitely unexpected. Just a few days prior, when asked if they’d put the past few years aside when it was all over, Jones responded “Fuck DC”.

Joe Rogan went on to interview a wildly concussed Daniel Cormier, who was crying his eyes out, and pretty much everyone in their right mind realized that shouldn’t have happened. Including Joe Rogan…

It’s a nice, classy apology from a friend, and much deserved. Speaking of apologies, Daniel Cormier apologized to Big John McCarthy for throwing a hissyfit while knocked out…

First off, thank you all for the kind words. I have felt the support. Congratulations to Jon Jones and his team. They did a phenomenal job and got the victory. Also, to Big John McCarthy, I would like to apologize for acting up with you. I am thankful for the time you gave me to try and defend myself and stay in the fight. You are the best in the business for a reason. I also wanna thank my team and my coaches. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Your time and energy is greatly appreciated. You guys did a wonderful job, I was ready. It's a fist fight and things happen. Dana White and the @ufc, thank you for being the premiere organization in all of MMA. Again, congrats to Team Jones and JacksonWink. Love you all. I'll see you soon. DC @layziethesavage

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Annnnnnnnnd Big John McCarthy kind of issued an apology after DC’s apology…

We’re all emotional, I get it, all of these apologies were deserved, I get it, but jeez guys. Looks like a big ol’ MMA circlejerk right now. We’re supposed to be the tough guy sport and everyone involved in Sunday’s grudge match are now cutting One Tree Hill monologues on each other. Let’s try to man up a bit.