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How Quickly Canada Forgets That We Have The Only Gold Medal That Counts.....





How short is Canada’s memory? Yeah we just lost a heartbreaking women’s hockey game. But guess what? Last I checked there is only one ice dancing country in the world and that’s the United States of America. It’s like Putin saying all that matters is winning the gold in hockey. Once you win Ice Dancing gold, everything else is irrelevant.





I feel like 99% of people in the world realize that jinxes aren’t real and sort of play along, like haha you jinxed us you asshole, you’re such a mush, can’t believe you did that. But then there is that 1%, the 1% that actually thinks tweeting something in the 3rd period of a hockey game that is being played 6,000 miles away changed the outcome. It’s actually fascinating to me. I want to sit those people down and just pick their brains. So special, so very very special.






Double PS


This legitimately hurt