Fox 8 News In Cleveland Is Out Here Taking Shots At Kyrie Irving

Look at Fox 8 throwing their nuts on the table and getting involved in this Kryie-Cavs divorce. Cleveland wins one title in a billion years and everyone starts feeling themselves. Now we have news stations rocking some “Lose Yourself” knockoff beat and a voiceover with so much anger, you can almost hear the Comic Sans in his voice.

And that “Oh yeah, enjoy the ring” is hilariously ridiculous on so many levels, partially because Kyrie averaged 27 points per game partially because this shot was a prettay, prettay, prettayyyyyyyy important shot in the game that clinched that ring.

Also putting all of your eggs in a guy’s basket that has a history of leaving teams for a better situation, will be a free agent next year, and already left your city once for greener/sandier pastures once is a BOLD strategy. And if The King of Cleveland leaves his Iron Throne again, I imagine this is what Fox 8’s commercial will look like next year.