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Jon Jones Is Back, And He Just Proved He's Still The G.O.A.T.

Fucking WOW, man. The Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones rivalry has finally come to a close and it was a thunderous head kick and clobbering ground and pound that did it. Truth be told, Big John McCarthy gave Daniel Cormier the benefit of the doubt, or “Champion’s Doubt”, and allowed him to hang in there, but it should’ve been stopped about five punches before it was. Before this, the first two rounds were extremely close, and I was actually leaning Cormier on both (second more than the first). He was doing a really good job of closing the distance and fighting in the pocket without getting his stomach torn apart with kicks. Jones doesn’t take much time to get comfortable though, and when he does, as my headline says, he’s the greatest of all time, as much as I hate him.

He was humble in victory, thanked his fans for sticking through all of his bullshit, and then thanked DC for making him a better fighter and a better man. It was a nice gesture, but Cormier was in fucking LA LA LAND and couldn’t accept it. He tried to leave the cage before the official announcement, even. Just a big fat crying CTE mess…that the UFC made Joe Rogan interview. Imagine that: your greatest rival in life and the only man to ever beat you in a fight just knocked your teeth down your throat, securing his second victory over you, and you get a camera and microphone shoved in your face. It’s embarrassing, man. There’s a reason YP didn’t include him getting bundled by Nate in Stool Scenes.

After he was all done, Jonny Bones grabbed the mic and had one more thing to say…

As Joey Diaz would say, “LET’S HAVE SOME FUN MOTHAFUCKAS. WE’RE MIXIN WEIGHT CLASSES, WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT!” I could not be more down for Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar. I think Jones beats the brakes off of him, but fuck it, let’s get nuts.

I’ll have my full recap of the card tomorrow morning, including my take on the Welterweight Title fight that got booed out of the building. See you then!