Lebron James Storms Onto the Court During His Kid's AAU Game To Dispute the Score

If this doesn’t sum up Lebron James entire sorry existence than I don’t know what does. Just strolling onto the court like he owns the joint. He’s like one of those dads you see in bad parenting handbooks. I mean in what world does he think this is acceptable behavior? To just waltz onto the middle of the court during live game action! The ego on this guy! And per usual nobody even kicks him out or yells at him. Nobody tells him no. Nobody tells him to sit his pretentious ass back in the stands where he belongs. That’s because Bron Bron has never been told no in his life. As a result he has no moral compass. He can’t tell right from wrong. The only person that Lebron cares about is Lebron. If that means throwing an absolute temper tantrum and storming onto the court of a youth basketball game so be it. If that means spitting in Cleveland’s face with The Decision so be it. Great role model for the kids my ass.