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Mark Cuban's Billionaire Cool Guy Prophecy Lives On As He Hits A 90's Night

mark cuban

NY Post- Mark Cuban is with the band. The famed “Shark Tank” investor dropped by (Le) Poisson Rouge nightclub for its weekly ’90s night on Friday and rocked out like everyone else.  “He enjoyed being in the mix,” said a spokesperson for Marcus Linial, president of Fun Music Presents, who told Page Six that Cuban — who arrived unexpectedly — was offered VIP seating but “opted to hang out stage-side the whole night. He was a great guest.” Cuban met with the ’90s cover band “The Fresh Kids of Bel-Air” before the show and joined in on their pre-show huddle. He even gave the group a pep talk before they hit the stage at the Greenwich Village venue.

This is quite like what I imagine finding out Santa would be real is like. It’s always so nice to see whenever someone keeps backing up the image you have of them in your mind. Kinda like when Jimmy Fallon drunkenly hurts his hand on a broken liquor bottle or when I went to a Kid Rock concert a couple of years ago and he was mingling with the crowd before going on stage like the man of the people/american badass he is.

And now Cuban is holding up his end of the bargain along with America’s favorite late night host Fallon and Senator Rock. He’s been the “cool billionaire that also owns the Mavericks” since I can remember- from making Turtle a rich man on Entourage to doling out dinero on Shark Tank to getting real drunk with his Larry O’Brien Trophy, Mark Cuban makes himself out to be quite the fun time. And now the prophecy only moves forward with his appearance at a 90’s night in the village.

Going to one of those shows true character. You’re simply a bum if you go out in 2017 while you have the opportunity to take a time machine to the 90’s. We here at Barstool Sports love Le Poissen Rouge, or LPR as the locals call it, so let me tell you: Mark Cuban made a damn good choice for a night out. It’s easily the most fun I’ve had at a bar in New York yet. A little Semi-Charmed Life, All The Small Things, and an All-Star rendition of All-Star will make for a memorable night. Seeing Mark Cuban there would probably help as well. Anyways I love you, LPR  & Mr. Cuban.