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Nothing But Respect To This Burglar Who Tried To Disguise Himself As A Ghost To Sneak Past Security Cameras

Shanghai- A video has gone viral on Chinese social media of a thief trying to pull off a daring robbery by making like a sneaky ghost. Surveillance video from inside a residential building in Jinjiang, Fujian province shows the robber peeking his head around a corner after climbing up a flight of stairs, only to discover that a security camera was watching him from the hallway. However, he wasn’t about to let something like a surveillance camera get in the way of his burglary. About 20 minutes later, the man returned, this time dressed as a ghostly apparition as he slowly shuffled past the camera.


I have a question and it’s a potentially dumb one. Did that guy think he was going to pass as a real ghost on that security footage cause he was dressed as one? Did he think that people were gonna say, “Oh wow holy shit that’s a real ghost” and not “That is clearly a very stupid man dressed as a ghost”? Because I really hope that’s what he thought. That’s the world I wanna live in. I want that kind of child-like wonder and imagination to be permeating through the universe. I wanna live in a world where a guy thinks you actually become a ghost to the human eye when you dress up like a ghost. That would’ve been an all time misdirect if it had worked (it didn’t, he got caught very quickly). Have people talking all about the ghost sighting as opposed to the robbery that just happened. Maybe next time.