Don't You Dare Bring Your Weak Ass Serve On This Chick's Ping Pong Table

I’m gonna say the same thing here that I said in my badminton blog from the other day. Because it’s factual information that is common knowledge at this point. Asian people are just incredible at sports like badminton and ping pong. Not a stereotyping thing. Feel like it’s definitely not racist to give a group of people a compliment so we’re good to go here. It’s just common knowledge. In America, we’ve got guys like JJ Watt filming themselves doing box jumps in the gym. In Asian countries? They’ve got girls like this putting on a return clinic for the ages.

And here’s the scary thing. That GIF cut off and she was still going strong. Who knows how long this went on for. Could be minutes. Could be hours. Could be weeks. They live for this shit in Asia. Eat, sleep, pong, repeat. If you accidentally kill your trainer with a heavy ass forehand return to the throat? Then it’s next man up. No time to slow down.

P.S. – Real reason why I’m blogging this is because I want to talk about one of the most highly underrated movies of all time–Balls Of Fury. Just a tremendous piece of cinematic excellence. If you’ve never seen it, I suggest you change that as soon as possible. If we were doing Mount Rushmore of best movies to watch hungover on a Sunday morning, Balls Of Fury is the George Washington.