A Couple Of Upstanding Young Professionals Decided To Have A Brawl At Center City SIPS

Nothing to see here. Just a few hard working Philadelphians hashing out those spreadsheet issues after punching the clock. And for good reason, too. Do you know what kind of stress a bro goes through on a daily basis when their allowance doesn’t get adjusted for inflation? I’m sure salmon shorts really had a tough day crunching those numbers behind the register at Abercrombie & Fitch. Teal shorts in the back couldn’t have been giddier to witness his first fight in progress, either. Keep it in your pants, man.

Is Sips already one of the the most overrated things in the world? Absolutely. Everywhere is packed, the “Specials” aren’t exactly special, and by sunset your swamp ass could drown a small child. Now combine the fact you got dudes throwing down in the middle of Pagano’s before taking R5 back to their parents in the burbs (or taxi back to Delco or hop in the stolen ’96 Ford Explorer back to Blackwood). Still, it is a decent idea for actual people who can live in society to drown their work sorrows every Wednesday during the Summer. Everyone should relax. The next time a brawl is about to go down the mature people need to pull an Embiid at SIPS. And by that I mean Euro Step your way through a fight and/or child support en route to a lay up, then go about your day. Savage.

h/t Neefy