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Rafael Devers' First Major League Hit Just Cleared The Fence

Let me run that stat back from yesterday one more time — There have been 309 minor league players who have played at least 75 games this season at either Double-A, Triple-A, or a combination of the two. Rafael Devers was eighth in OPS among that group with a .955 OPS between Portland and Pawtucket. He doesn’t have the most athletic-looking body — that’s actually being generous about the description of his physique — and his face looks like he just passed the ninth grade, but the kid can flat out hit.

It’s been a while since this team has given Red Sox fans something to be genuinely excited about, which is odd because they’re in first place. Unfortunately, the Red Sox, as it seems to be the case in most years, can’t seem to avoid some form of drama. But here’s to hoping that Devers is the spark that this team has needed, and hopefully a young, hungry, power-hitting, 20-year-old rookie can reignite what has been a stagnate and underperforming club over the last month. If not, they’re fucked. I’m kidding, but not really.