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The Eagles Have Released 2014 First Round Bust Marcus Smith (And Allen Barbre)

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 4.11.58 PM

Shocker. Oh, you mean the 1st round selection from 2014 that was projected to go 3rd-4th(!!!) round that has struggled to even crack the Special Teams didn’t pan out? What a shame. At least we have this year’s first round pick Derek Barnett to fill his and, for some reason, Vinny Curry’s place. Seriously. Vinny Curry has been “Ready to breakout” for about 3 years now to the point where they invested in an extension for him before last season…when the FUCK is he going to do something? Anything? The dude couldn’t even crack the starting lineup and he was being lauded as the future DE of this franchise.

Barbre is a bit of a surprise. Sure, he’s 33-years-old, but he started 12 games for the Birds last season. He’s at the very least still a serviceable OL in this league. I hope the Eagles know what they’re doing…and by that I mean I have zero faith the Eagles actually know what they’re doing.

As for Marcus Smith, farewell, sweet shit. We leave you with his first of 3.5 career sacks in his 3 seasons with the Eagles. Pass rushing specialist my dicks.

PS – Beating a dead horse, but here’s your friendly reminder that Howie Roseman admitted it was his call to draft Marcus Smith. Not Chip Kelly’s. Roseman also has stated he takes full responsibility for all the moves made while he is, and has been GM for the Eaglest. That means since 2011 (sans a year in exile in 2015). This man was behind the 2011 bust of a draft and the Dream Team. Howie was a part of a staff who fired then DC and now HC Sean McDerrmont with plan and implemented Juan Castillo, the teams OL coach, in his place. Howie was GM when him and Lurie, the only two decision makers, hired Chip Kelly. Two 10-6 seasons later, for undisclosed reasons (disclosed: fucking ego), Howie personally fired Player Personell Manager Tom Gamble. That was the reason why Chip went ape, marched into Jeff Lurie’s office, and demanded full control of the team while sending Howie into exile. He weaseled his way back to GM after the Chip Kelly disaster. He hired Doug Pederson, which I still can’t believe actually happened. Sure, there have been bright spots. Fletcher Cox for one. Carson Wentz, his literal Saving Grace, another. But it’s been 6+ years and behind 3 separate administrations for the Eagles. I’m not even blaming Howie for snaking it this well. It’s beyond impressive how he’s not only received minimal blame for this team’s mediocrity, but is borderline REVERED by the fanbase for attempting to fix mistakes…mistakes he’s had a hand in creating!!! The sheep are gonna sheep. Bottom line: 0 playoff wins since 2008. That’s a long time for this fanbase. And we’re getting dangerously close into #FireLurie territory.