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Man Goes In For Pedicure, Loses His Big Toe To Infection

MUNCIE, Ind. — Several beauty salons in Indiana have been fined and placed on probation over the alleged use of razor devices and scalpels to remove calluses from customers’ feet.

Kenneth Jackey developed an infection in his right foot that resulted in the amputation of his right big toe after receiving a pedicure at a salon in Anderson, Ind., according to the state board of cosmetology.

After his feet were soaked in warm water, Nail Art’s Khanh Bui used what Jackey described as a scalpel to cut away heavily callused skin on his right foot, which he compared to “peeling a potato or an apple.”

Indiana law prohibits salons from using razor devices to shave, reduce or remove calluses because they can cause bleeding, potential infections and remove healthy skin as well as dead skin.

In a separate incident, Bruce Walters, a customer of the T-Nails salon in Muncie, Ind., developed an infection that nearly cost him his life and his leg, a lawsuit alleges.

T-Nails is continuing to vigorously defend an unrelated lawsuit in Delaware County brought by Muncie resident Walters, who was hospitalized for three weeks and underwent five surgeries after getting a pedicure at T-Nails on June, 23, 2013.

The lawsuit claims “medical providers universally determined” that the infection started in his right big toe that was gouged during a pedicure by an unsanitary instrument. The pedicure nearly cost Walters his life and his leg, the lawsuit claims.

I’ve never gotten a mani or pedi, but I know Ocho Cinco swears by them. In fact, he says he enjoys them so much he hasn’t missed an appointment since 1999. It’s supposed to be the perfect dose of R&R. This guy probably figured he’d have a nice relaxing spa day, while someone took a sandblaster to his mangled toenails. Unfortunately, the scalpel came out instead.

You have to assume that a nail salon isn’t taking the same care with medical tools as a hospital would. That scalpel probably hadn’t been washed in years, with hundreds of other people’s blood and dead skin on there. Not to mention the guy wielding it is making around four bucks an hour.

It’s unfortunate this fella lost his big toe to infection, but it’s kind of on him for not getting the fuck out of there. Once the first layer of skin is sliced off my toe, I’m packing my shit and going home, that’s not what I signed up for. You went in to soak your feet in warm water and get your toenails clipped, not to have a boil lanced off your foot with a sharp blade. To let some guy keep slicing off layers of your toe while you willingly let him is absolutely bananas.

This type of shit is happening at a bunch of different salons in Indiana too. People getting infections, having multiple surgeries, and almost losing limbs seems to be a regular occurrence. It may sound crazy, but I have a wild suggestion for how to avoid this. Take a hot shower and clip your fucking toenails at home. That way you don’t have to worry about having someone botch the shit out of your toe with a scalpel.

Written by @TSchmit23