I Can't Get Enough Of Lindsey Vonn Trying To Get Jordan Spieth's Attention

Thirstyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Lindsey Vonn, so thirsty right now. Lindsey Vonn. This is my favorite storyline on the internet currently. Lindsey Vonn is trying desperately to get Champion Golfer of the Year Jordan Spieth’s attention. She’s not making it a secret either which makes it that much more interesting.

She posted this right after he won the Open Championship

That’s pretty much the Instagram equivalent of “sup” and now she’s elbowing for room down in his Instagram Live comments. I don’t hate. I mean I hate it from the perspective that she’s twisting the knife on my guy Tiger but other than that, have at it. Because honestly I’m starting to think Vonn doesn’t even think about Tiger anymore and maybe doesn’t even remember dating him at this point. She’s seems to be a unstoppable sex machine who lives completely in the moment. And yes, Spieth has a girlfriend but it’s Lindsey Vonn. She doesn’t seem like the type who’s trying to lock it down. I honestly think she just wants to have sex in a room with the Claret Jug and then keep it moving. If I’m Spieth, I’d hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.