The Danish Tradition Of Being 25, Unmarried, And Covered In Cinnamon Is All Fun And Games Till Someone Lights You On Fire

In Denmark we have a tradition about showering anyone who haven’t got married by their 25 birthday with cinnamon, this time it was my turn and it went horribly wrong, watch the video and enjoy!. Also, he is doing fine no severe injuries.

More like Cinnamon Toast Crunch…amiright? Right? One second you’re getting playfully doused with an overrated table spice and the next you look like Jean Grey rising from the ashes as The Phoenix. Whatever, he not only survived but suffered little to no injuries, so it’s fine to laugh at him at the wrong end of a flamethrower straight out of Saving Private Ryan. Who knew cinnamon was that flammable. Christ. Might as well have been doused in kerosine.

Other than that, I’m confused by a lot of things going on here. Being unmarried at the age of 25 in Denmark apparantly means one thing and one thing only: You get Cinnamon’d. Cool? I guess? It could be worse. Ladies in certain Asian cultures who are still unmarried after 25 are called “Shen Nu”, which is translated to “Leftovers”. So they’ve got that going for them, which is nice. Also, a powerful burst of flames like that doesn’t happen THAT organically. Where did that fireball come from in the first place? Did somebody ingest a Fire Flower from Super Mario and ejaculate themselves? Seems somehow logical.

PS – The only more futile way I’ve ever seen someone go up in flames was when it was to The Harlem Shake. Almost well deserved. Almost.

Ahhhh the Harlem Bake. Did the dude seriously try to blow on the fire to put it out? Stupid, yes, but that’s still 10000000x more helpful than what the woman in the background is contributing to the situation. Go get some fucking water or a blanket. The lady just sounds like chimp in the middle of a monkey knife fight. Useless.