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Jordan Spieth Hops On Stage At A Dallas Concert And Chugs Out Of The Claret Jug Some More

And the Jordan Spieth Drinking Out Of The Claret Jug In Different Place Tour rolls on. I would’ve been disappointed if he wasn’t doing this. It started on Justin Thomas’ snap story and now it’s made it’s way back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas. I have a question though. Is Texas the best place to be from when you win something as a professional athlete? Obviously that’s a question we could discuss until the end of time but Dallas feels like it’s at least in the top-5. There aren’t many groups of people who support their own like Texans do. We’re talking about a group of people who want to be their own country. The party that had to be waiting for Spieth once he got back had to be INSANE. People in cowboys hats and boots firing guns into the air and shit. Dallas might not be #1 but it’s gotta be close.