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Jason Garrett Looked Lucky Whitehead In The Eyes And Called Him A Liar

PFT - Even when the police confirmed that they arrested another man who had given them Whitehead’s name, the Cowboys wouldn’t backtrack on their decision to let him go.

“I can’t speak for Lucky, we’d have to have a conversation about it because he loved being a Cowboy so much. I can’t put into words — this dude loved it, loved it as much as I’ve ever had a player love an organization. Loved it,” Rich said. “This guy was arguably the most popular player on the team, which is interesting to have this happen to him, but I don’t think so. . . . They basically sat across the table, eye to eye, man to man, and he said, ‘I need you to believe me, coach.’ And they said, ‘We think you’re a liar.’”


I hope there is video of this so, so badly. And then I need the video of an intern coming over and whispering in Garrett’s ear “Whitehead wasn’t lying”, and I need the entire scene set to the Curb Your Enthusiasm music.

While I feel awful for Lucky Whitehead, I can’t help but smile at Jason Garrett being an asshole. It’s probably pretty messed up, but I gain happiness every time he/the Cowboys fuck up. A Cowboys player gets arrested? My morale goes up another notch. A defensive lineman gets suspended for drugs? I get a little more pep in my step. It’s the delicate balance of the universe.

As for Lucky Whitehead, really sucks to be him right now. He was unlikely to make the Cowboys roster, but he would have gone deep into roster cuts. He would have been cashing paychecks for the next month+, and showcasing his skillset for other teams to sign him. And who knows, maybe he would have completely dominated and made the 53 man roster. Now he has no income, no team, and was called a liar to his face by his former coach. He can at least feel good he was vindicated, but vindication doesn’t pay the bills.

With rosters currently at 90, of course he’ll sign somewhere. I hope it’s an NFC East team and he wrecks the Cowboys this season. I mean, I know he’s probably not even good and all that, but I need this story more than I need air to breath. I need him to randomly go off for like 5/120 against the Cowboys, give Garrett a big time DX Suck It on the Star at the 50 yard line, and then retire from the NFL. That’s how I would script this movie. (He’ll probably sign with the Jets and be stocking vending machines by Christmas, but a boy can dream)