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I Miss Hockey So Much That "Soap Hockey" Doesn't Even Look That Bad Right Now

If you want a real, honest opinion on Soap Hockey then here it is. I think this looks like way too much work for a game that is too hard to play that’ll quickly devolve into guys seeing how hard they can run into each other and slashing ankles. The idea is definitely there but you know that you’d never be able to finish a full game of Soap Hockey before everybody quits. With that being said, today is July 26th and I can’t get enough of Soap Hockey.

The Stanley Cup Final was over a month ago. The 2017 Draft was over a month ago. Jaromir Jagr still hasn’t been signed so who the fuck cares about free agency. We are currently in the driest stretch of the hockey calendar and I can’t take it anymore. I need something. Anything at all. And Soap Hockey is providing that crucial fix to get me through the next couple of weeks before training camps start up.

Is it perfect? No. There are clearly some areas for improvement with Soap Hockey. Primarily maybe adding some foam boards around the surface. But it’s still nice to see that fighting has a place in Soap Hockey.

Only a matter of time before the calculator boys start forcing them out of this game with their Corsi’s and their Fenwick’s and their PDO and whatever else they’re trying to ruin hockey with.