Perverted Uber Passenger Films His Driver Getting Road Head, Selfishly Complains To Uber About "Safety" (NSFWish)

NY Post- Uber reportedly has suspended a driver after a customer claimed the man was engaged in sex acts with a woman during the “dangerous and inappropriate” trip.


Aner Manuel, of Boston, took to the company’s Facebook page Thursday to complain about a trip during which his driver appeared to receive oral sex from a woman.

According to Manuel, he got in the car and noticed there was another person in the front seat even though he did not select UberPool — the option that allows multiple passengers to share a ride.

“As we pulled off the female in the front (who was clearly on drugs) attempted to open the door and could not even sit straight as the vehicle was in motion,” he wrote. “She then began to grope him and grab him.”

“She then proceeded to perform oral sex,” Manuel said. “This was my last straw. I asked the driver to drop me off.”

He claimed that he contacted Uber to complain, but only received a $10 credit.

“They have been extremely bad at answering any messages I’ve sent, and I demand something gets done,” he wrote. “This is not okay!”

Well that looked unsafe, on a couple levels. First, you should keep your eyes on the road at all times and this driver was smooching up a storm, presumably with his eyes closed if he knows anything about smooching. Second, and not to make any assumptions, but this lady of the night probably doesn’t have the cleanest mouth in town. We only get one penis in life, guys. Throw a tarp on it and protect it at all costs.

Safety issues aside, I have no problem with this. What the driver does in the front seat of his Uber is his business; what I do in the back is mine. If we passengers are allowed to unleash the heaviest, wettest farts this side of the Mason-Dixon, then Uber drivers should be allowed to receive a little road-chummer during a long shift. Just throw that Toyota Camry in cruise control first because everyone knows it’s impossible to maintain an even speed when you’re getting wheeled at the wheel. Just makes your foot jumpy.

Love Uber’s response to the whiney passenger. A $10 credit? Hell, he should be paying a $10 tip for that show. And way to film it like a total pervert. Next time, enjoy the free sex show and throw these lovebirds the 5-stars they deserve.