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Wake Up With Mark McGwire Hitting A 545-Foot Home Run (1998)

God, I miss steroids. That swing didn’t even look like a maximum effort swing. Just your run of the mill Big Mac stroke and next thing you know, that baseball is 545 feet away from home plate and Livan Hernandez is slightly less of a man because of it. I’m so glad that we, as a society, have finally gotten over (for the most part) the whole stigma of steroid usage during this time period. You have the frosty ass dudes who still want to protect the gate in Cooperstown, but I think at first, actual baseball fans were just somewhat pissed that we had seemingly been lied to and deceived. But now we’re getting back to a point where we can watch all the shit that happened during the Steroid Era and be in awe all over again. Like, this motherfucker hit a 545-foot home run without juiced baseballs, a corked bat, or an aluminum bat. Just eight million CC’s of deca, dianabol, and winstrol, or whatever the fuck else he was on. What a time to be a baseball fan!