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I'm Not Even Going To Ask The Question. Badminton Clearly Needs Enforcers

I don’t know exactly when and I don’t know exactly where this clip comes from. But a headshot like that? Well let me tell you something, bucko. A headshot like that where I come from usually earns you getting your shirt pulled over your head and your face transformed into somebody’s personal punching bag. Let’s take another look, shall we?

Now here’s the one thing that I’ll say. I don’t want to sound racist or anything here but Asian people are unbelievable at sports like badminton and ping pong. Feel like it’s definitely not racist to give a group of people a compliment so we’re good to go here. But when you’re playing a couple of Asians in badminton, don’t fucking stand that close to the net without keeping your guard up. Buddy was practically begging that sneaky little bastard to drill him in the dome there. Put his stupid giant forehead out there as target practice, just waiting for it to get mushroom stamped by the shuttlecock. So that’s on him.

Regardless, there still needs to be a few fists flying after a move like that. Even if it’s just for the sake of pride. Just to prove that you’re a man and won’t stand for being humiliated out there. You’re not some back alley dirty whore. You’re not going to take the cock to the face and not fight back. Guess the Germans have gone soft though since WWII. Not surprising they’re not interested in setting the tone out there anymore.