A Maine Town Is Giving Out Free Weed If You Help Clean Up The Streets

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KHOU - If you visit the city of Gardiner, you may notice a little less debris along the streets and sidewalks.

That’s because dozens of people spent a sunny Saturday collecting trash all over town.

The incentive? Free marijuana.

“Bring us back the full trash bag, and we give them a gift of cannabis,” said Dennis Meehan, owner of Summit Medical Marijuana in Gardiner.

He and his family are using their brand new business to clean up the community.

“[I heard of it in] Colorado – there was a town that did this,” said Meehan. “They had a great response to this. So I was hoping to do the same thing in Maine.”

How it works: grab a trash bag, fill it with trash from around town, return it to the store, and get your bag of marijuana free of charge.


There goes weed, saving lives again. Sure weed makes your memory a bit fuzzy. And sure it makes you ingest a few too many calories. A lot too many. But look at all the great things it does too. Legalized weed is stimulating the economy left and right. They just opened up dispensaries in Vegas and you would not believe how much money is in that desert city now. Cigarette smoking is way down. And the streets and the environment have never been cleaner.

This town in Maine has it all figured out. People are going to smoke the sticky icky no matter what. It’s basically being passed around like candy up there. So might as well get the streets clean of debris and trash while they’re at it. They fill up a trash bag, get a dime bag, then get so high they want to start cleaning up the streets and rivers just for the fun of it. Maine is going to fuck around and be the cleanest place on Earth by 2020. Did weed do it again, or did weed do it again?