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Typical Swinger's Party Ends with a Couple Dressed as Harley Quinn and the Joker Getting Shot by Cops in the Middle of Sex

Harley Quinn Joker2

Harley Quinn Joker

AustraliaA couple shot by police at a private swingers party while dressed as comic book villains will launch legal action against Victoria Police, seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Lawyers acting for Dale Ewins, 35, and Zita Sukys, 37, will claim police were aware Mr Ewins was in possession of a toy gun when heavily-armed members of the Critical Incident Response Team opened fire inside a King Street venue. …

Mr Ewins … was shot “multiple times in his back” before he was Tasered and assaulted by police, according to his lawyer.

He underwent emergency surgery to remove part of his bowel. … Ms Sukys is recovering from two wounds to her leg that required extensive surgery. …

The gun was a replica, part of a costume worn by Mr Ewins who was dressed as Batman villain the Joker, while Mr Sukys came as Harley Quinn, popularised in the movie, Suicide Squad.

AndA former partner of Dale Ewins … said the fake guns were just part of “getting into character” at the adults-only parties.

“I’m pretty sure he put the toy gun in my mouth while having sex,” she said.

I try to be pro-police as much as I can. But in this case, there’s just no way to defend the actions of the Critical Incident Response Team. Yes, their job is tough. Of course I shouldn’t judge because I’ve never experienced the danger of raiding a swinger’s party. Maybe if I’d busted in there and seen a gun in the hands of a man dressed like Jared Leto, the worst incarnation of the Joker ever, I’d have reacted the exact same way. So I want to be fair.

But still, there’s no way to justify getting all trigger happy. The CIRT has to know going in that swinger’s parties are safe spaces. They’re not filled with armed assailants. They’re places of love. The kind of love that can only be expressed by banging your super hot girlfriend in front of a roomful of strangers while cosplaying with a plastic gun in her mouth. That’s the kind of beautiful relationship that deserves our respect and understanding. Not a hail of bullets and a tasering from the gendarmes.

Anyway, I’m going to try not to let the actions of a few uptight cops destroy my faith in law enforcement or in the purity and goodness of dressing your girlfriend up like Harley Quinn and having sex with her while others watch. So hopefully this will serve as a teachable moment, Dale and Zita will make speedy recoveries and she’ll be riding him in a costume with a toy gun in her mouth by Halloween.