Dude Eats A Hot Pepper Every Time Ariana Grande Says "Um" During A Speech For Reasons Unknown

Pretty profound stuff here. Heady, quality content. Right up there with getting a golf ball hit out of your mouth and then about a year later getting a golf ball hit off your ass cheeks. The internet waits for no man, woman or child. You’re either producing content by eating hot peppers every time Araina Grande says “um” during an awards show speech or you ain’t doing shit. Everybody has to make their way in one form or another. I gotta be honest though, that video needed a puke take. Yes I enjoyed watching a guy light his mouth on fire via vegetables but it needed to end with vomit spewing outta his mouth. Spitting them out didn’t do it for me. Needed throw up. That’s how you make a real internet video. I’m guessing that kid’s ultimate goal was to get noticed by Ariana Grande. I bet it doesn’t happen. You know why? No puke.