People Rushed A Pregnant Stray Dog To The Vet Only To Find Out It Was Just A Very Fat Good Boy

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Daily Mail- A portly stray dog was taken to an animal clinic after people thought it was going into labour and called for help.  But the vet said the canine was male and it was ‘just too fat’.  The dog, spotted in Dalian, China, was too good at absorbing nutrients, according to the vet. The animal was taken to the vet on a mini stretcher after passersby spotted it lying in a Chinese subway station inside the Youhao Plaza Station in Dalian on July 21. Passengers and subway staff thought the canine was pregnant. After carrying out medical examination, the vet said the dog was not pregnant and that it was obese. According to Dalian Xingwang Animal Hospital, which examined the animal, the dog was about six years old and it was male.  The stray dog is said to suffer no major illnesses.

How about this stray dog living better than dogs with a home? Just fat as shit sleeping on the subway without a care in the world. So fat they couldn’t determine what sex he was. If anything, he’s gotta be pissed these people woke him up and made him do something. That’s gotta be the biggest difference between homeless people and homeless dogs. We as a society din’t give a shit about homeless people. Like not at all. We don’t engage with them. We don’t look them in the eye. We don’t give them money or food unless you’re having a ridiculously good day. Homeless dogs though? I’ll help a homeless dog every day of the week and twice on Sundays. I feel truck loads of sympathy when I see a stray dog. It’s kinda fucked up that we’re more willing to help dogs than humans but that’s just how it goes. That’s how a stray dog like this can get so so so so so fat that people think it’s pregnant. Did they not check the dog for a dick? Or was he just so fat that they couldn’t tell? Like Fat Bastard? What a hero.