Manny Ramirez Cutting Off Johnny Damon's Relay Throw Taking Us Into The Weekend!

You ready to feel old as shit, Red Sox fans? This was thirteen years ago today. The expression “Manny Being Manny” became a crutch after a while, like when he’d tap out of the starting lineup because of a sore right knee even though it was his left knee that he hurt originally. But there was definitely a time when “Manny Being Manny” had some genuine moments, like this one right here. Pedro Martinez on the mound, David Newhan at the plate, a rocket to centerfield, a vintage dinky ass throw from Damon with Manny AKA Mr. Heads Up Baseball right there to cut the throw off to kickstart the highly vaunted 8-7-6-2 relay sequence. An all-time classic that I’ll never get tired of watching. Have a great weekend, everybody!