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Henrik Stenson's Rental Home Got Robbed While He Was Playing In The Open Championship

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 10.59.26 AM

Asssssssssssholes. People are the WORST. Can you imagine stealing from Henrik Stenson? By all accounts one of the nicest, funniest and coolest dudes in golf? You gotta be a real piece of shit to do that. I hope he finds these people and hits them with his 3 wood. I really do. Few people are worse than those who are like, “Alright let’s rob this dude when we know he’s not gonna be there.” Be a man and rob him while he’s there so he can assault you. This kinda harshes the vibe of the weekend. Here we all are, having fun watching The Open and some assholes go and rob a golfer’s rental house while he’s playing. Super fucked up. I feel like people from the UK are gonna be pissed that someone did this to their reputation. English soccer hooligans are still thing, right? Well I say we send them after the people who did this. They’ll give them a beating they’ll never forget.