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Is James Harrison Going To Revive The World's Strongest Man When He Retires?

James Harrison could probably suit up in pads and play until he’s 50 if he wanted to. The dude is absolutely unreal, definitely understands that success is leased, not owned, and rent is due everyday. Every time I see one of these workout videos that he posts, I don’t understand how he doesn’t blow out a hammy, a bicep, or have his back crumble into pieces. The only logical explanation for how big of a freak he is would be that he’s planning an eventual run to be the World’s Strongest Man.

You want to talk about can’t miss TV, that would be it. I’d love to see Hafþór Björnsson (The Mountain from Game of Thrones) and James Harrison square off in the keg toss assuming that Björnsson doesn’t suffer a major brain hemorrhage or have his throat slit on set in the next year or so. Everyone saw the video of Harrison tossing medicine balls into the stratosphere like fucking balloons; the keg toss is essentially the same thing.

Psychologically, he would have every event in the bag before it started. I can only imagine the kind of shit he would be talking to these guys between rounds. One of the best parts of these competitions is when the guys go apeshit and start yelling when they’re trying to lift or hold something, it lets everyone know who the alpha is; Harrison would be incredible to watch in that respect.

I really hope this happens when he decides to hang up the cleats. You let Harrison show up in his grey hoodie and sweatpants, and he’s going to put on a fucking show. Or, they can continue to litter the field with guys whose names you can’t pronounce from Iceland and Sweden. I’d rather watch Harrison squat a platform of people. After all, he’s already throwing that kind of weight around on a daily basis.

Written by @TSchmit23