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Apparently Ben McAdoo Wears Jordans Every Day, Remains The Coolest Coach In The NFL

So it turns out Benny With The Good Hair is also Benny With The Good Kicks, huh? Poor KFC can’t even root for the New York football team that has the coach that rocks J’s on a daily basis. I bet Benny spends just as much time breaking down game film as he does figuring out if he should wear the III’s or the Space Jams when stomping out his next opponent.

Then again, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Benny was fresh to death from his head to his hooves. Like Deion Sanders always said, if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good or in this case coach good. And all Ben McAdoo has done as head coach of the Giants is win Rookie Coach of the Year* and go 2-0 against the big bad Cowboys last year. This man entered the press conference to announce himself as HC of NYG like a fashion lion


and hasn’t let up since. You can’t put a price tag on that type of swagger. Wearing the greatest shoes ever made and occasionally letting the players watch some Thrones or viral videos of people getting mauled by animals during film sessions is how you win over a locker room full of veterans. Ben McAdoo is the cool substitute teacher that became the full-time teacher while also getting his PhD. A happy classroom or locker room is a winning environment. And I’d say the Giants locker room looked pretty damn peachy keen last season.

God I cannot wait for that beautiful man to come back into my life on a daily basis.

And now your Moment of Ben.

NFL: JUN 14 Giants Minicamp

*Rookie Coach of the Year may or may not be an award I made up at the end of last season