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I Made My Late Night Debut Last Night And By All Accounts I Was Slightly Above Average

I know what people are thinking.  There goes Pres and his self deprecating humor again saying he was only slightly above average last night.   Okay, okay busted.  I was very good.  Not great.  But very good.   What prevented me from greatness?  Well it’s tough to be great with this type of ankle positioning and being compared to Nate. That hurts.

I also got lots of chirps about my posture.  Like my posture was too good or something.   Yeah maybe I was a little too focused on not being a hunchback.  However I’m still undecided whether I like my little shimmy shake move.  I have no idea where that came from and I didn’t realize I did it, but I think this may be my new Late Night trademark.  Just dropping a little Twan shimmy on people when they least expect it.