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The Barstool Combine Gets The "Ballers" Intro Treatment


Stoolie @TeamVivalo made this video and it is once again proof that “Right Above It” makes everything better. Whether it be an HBO show that should be soooooo much better or a bunch of unathletic bloggers huffing and puffing and trying to not embarrass themselves. Hell, you could have played that song over the OG Barstool Combine and KFC’s three cone drill wouldn’t have appeared to have been such a disaster.

Okay that’s a bit of a stretch, but the point remains that the song makes everything better, just like a tall refreshing cup of Dunkin’ Energy Punch. #VivaLaDunkin

However I will say the one problem with TV intros is that unless it’s the Too Many Cooks intro, there may not be enough time to include all the characters of the show. There were clearly some notable omissions from this video that have helped lay bricks along Pres, but there’s not much you can do about it. Francis won the damn thing but somehow didn’t make it. But we did get a glimpse of Francis’ crazy buddy Donnie checking in from the other side of the globe.

Some would also say using a video of Trent running and passing it off as Riggs was wrong. But I think the Foreplay Boys are basically interchangeable at this point like the Morris twins in the NBA. One can assume the identity of the other and nobody will say boo.


Others would say putting me and Glenny back-to-back was risky because it may cause an outbreak of lady boners around the globe. But that’s not my problem.



For some reason I now have an intense urge to buy a Snacks shirt.

And the Nard Dawg and fearless leader of this company getting introduced with the overhead shot from the drone was puzzling at first. Then I realized that it was probably a metaphor for our CEO always watching us from above, waiting to pounce on some poor unsuspecting employee with *GASP* a weekend text message.


That’s deep.

For anyone that wants to see the aforementioned bloggers put in work and grind all in the name of competition (and Dunkin’ Energy Punch #VivaLaDunkin), here you go.