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Shane McMahon's Helicopter Just Crash Landed In The Ocean (He's Okay, Obviously)

Sports Illustrated- A small helicopter carrying the WWE’s Shane McMahon, son of company owner, Vince McMahon, and one other person, had to be rescued on Wednesday after it landed in the Atlantic Ocean. According to WABC in New York, McMahon’s helicopter departed Westchester County Airport, when at some point, a commercial flight heading to Kennedy Airport heard the emergency call, and relayed it to controllers at a FAA radar facility.

Emergency responders picked up McMahon and his pilot and ferried them to shore. Somehow, they came away from the incident without any injuries.

Whoever wrote this story must not be a wrestling fan.

“Somehow, they came away from the incident without any injuries.”


No “somehow”. Obviously Shane’s okay. My heart didn’t even skip a beat when reading “SHANE MCMAHON’S HELICOPTER GOES DOWN IN OCEAN”. Motherfucker’s probably practicing a bump for Mania next year. They’ll do the good ol’ Hollywood Backlot Brawl, but instead of a car, Shane’s gonna steal a helicopter, and bump through the overhead structure into the ring. No problem. Easy peasy.

My favorite part of this video under the radar is the reporter who says “Are you Vince McMahon’s son?” She obviously didn’t expect a “Yes” answer and when she got it, she froze. You can’t see her in the video but you know she just looked like a deer in headlights.

“Oh fuck, uhhh, you know it’s fake, right?”