Soccer Fans Knock A Drone Outta The Sky With A Roll Of Toilet Paper

First of all, awesome. I’m a big drone guy who doesn’t own a drone but watching that drone get pelted outta the sky brought me great joy. Second, pretty bad look for drones here. Drones are supposedly the future of everything. At least that’s what I keep hearing. Word on the street is that Amazon is gonna read your mind and deliver your product the same damn day via drones. They use them in war I’m pretty sure. They even race them now. But it’s a tough look when a soft roll of toilet paper can blast a drone outta the sky. Things that are supposedly gonna run the world in the next 10-15 years need to be able to withstand a little shit rapper being thrown at them, What’s to say people won’t be tossing TP rolls at drones that are delivering the book I ordered but will never read? Seems like an issue that Jeff Bezos is gonna need to figure out.